Before my RTT®️ session, I was feeling pretty good but also wondering if I was fooling myself and was in fact carrying things I was trying to ignore. I felt a little unmotivated and lost as well as scared with the unknown direction the world was going (it was during covid times).

I chose to do RTT®️ and particularly with Carolyn because I felt comfortable with her from the first time I ever met her. I would 100% choose to do this again and with Carolyn. Unbeknownst to me I have listened to my recording for the first time in a while and I now see that yes everything has unfolded. I listened to this recording every night and would often fall asleep listening to it. I believe my subconscious was taking it in and changing my negative self talk without me even needing to consciously be aware of it. What I liked most about the experience was that I loved the recording. Carolyn has a soft and melodious voice. It was so calming in really scary times, it made me feel like everything was all going to be ok.

Overall I was surprised at how comfortable I was about sharing my deepest darkest memories and this is because I felt safe and not judged. The whole process was a therapeutic one. I can say that my life has changed for the better.

I would highly recommend this process. Many people are fighting their own battles with their self talk and beliefs. Ideas that have been conditioned through our experiences. Many search and try various techniques. This is a safe, positive, and effective technique which doesn’t take anything except an open mind. This experience has impacted me.  I organically have changed my life and am really living it now. I say yes to everything instead of hiding at home, or being so concerned about what other people think. Other people’s ideas about me are none of my business. I feel It’s time to live life to its fullest. A life of gratitude and love. One unexpected result is that I wonder about how this technique works without effort.

I would recommend people to really spend some time thinking about what they really want. Be very clear about what your perfect life looks like, spend time visualising for clarity. I feel I am clearer now of what I want so it would be a good idea to have another session that really hones in and uses the words that are meaningful to my brain. This did happen in my first session because Carolyn took such specific notes and they were incorporated into my recording. Now I feel ready to progress to another session because some of my ideas no longer resonate with what I feel is important. Basically, I have outgrown the previous recording. At that time it was what was needed and it was perfect but now I have developed and view life differently.


Earlier this year, I approached Carolyn for help because I felt like I was holding myself back from achieving success in my business. Despite having the motivation and ideas, I was struggling with self-doubt and fear that prevented me from taking action. Through a single RTT®️ session and listening to the personalized recording she provided me every night for the last 30 days (which I still listen to), I’ve made significant progress. I’m now doing some of the things I previously thought I couldn’t, like running workshops, and I’m excited to see what else I can achieve. If you’re considering working with Carolyn and RTT®️, I highly recommend it. Thank you, Carolyn, for your help and guidance.


Wasn’t sure what hypnotherapy would be like, but was fascinated by what Carolyn shared with me.  And so, I decided to give it a go!

I have always had a terrible time remembering things ever since I could recall – even in my early childhood days. Forgetful and careless – that’s me.  Fortunately/unfortunately, in my line of work, names and key info are critical.  There are things coming at me left, right and centre that I cannot afford to forget, and often I would clutch desperately at my notebook to make sure I had everything written down so as not to miss anything.  So, I took this opportunity to work with Carolyn to improve my memory.

From the very start, I felt safe on this journey Carolyn set me on.  Her voice was calm and reassuring as she walked me through the past, the present and future.  The guided session uncovered things in my subconscious that I had no idea was hindering me all the way into adulthood.  The guided conversation I had with myself brought to light things I had to address.  Some of these things were not all pretty, but throughout it all, I felt safe and supported as Carolyn led me through the flow of simple structured interactions with myself.

After the session, I wasn’t really sure if it had ‘worked’, but what I can say is that I immediately felt lighter – physically and emotionally.  It’s an incredible and powerful experience that’s hard to define in words. I stayed faithful and listened to the recordings diligently.  This was something I looked forward to every night as Carolyn’s voice and words reaffirmed an important message, but also calm and soothing.  I always felt more relaxed and had the most restful and restorative sleep.

Shortly after over the next few days and weeks, I found that I was sharper.  I was remembering with ease and recalling information instantly instead of struggling to grasp onto things, hopelessly hoping that it would commit to my brain.  And as someone who loves to dance, I was remembering choreography from my open classes alongside kids who were 30 years my junior.  It was brilliant! I appreciated how Carolyn continued to check in with me to see how things were progressing.  There was never any pressure for expected change, and we were pleased to see the improvement.  In one of our later check ins, Carolyn suggested an extra session to tighten things as I was noticing my memory seemed to be slipping again. The visualization that happened was again enlightening and freeing.  So many things made sense…

Now, I feel cleaner, brighter, lighter.  I feel positive, energetic, and revived.  I feel stronger and empowered.  My brain is awake and running at full capacity.  The memory is working and I am on it! I am very grateful for the place and space that Carolyn has brought me to.  She had a special way of putting me at ease as she connected and cared for me as an individual. Carolyn has a genuine big heart.  You can feel her dedication and commitment to helping people. I highly recommend Carolyn for RTT®️.


Before my RTT®️ session, I always struggled with speaking in front of people even in small groups like 5 people since I was a kid. In a social setting, when more people were coming in my direction to listen to what I was sharing, I would want to run away. But now I don’t feel this anymore since I had a session with Carolyn for fear of public speaking.

I chose to do RTT®️, and particularly with Carolyn, because I felt comfortable with her since the first time I met her. She is really a great therapist! She is really patient and meticulous. I felt very safe during the whole session.

As I listened to the recording every day, I felt so calm and peaceful. I would always stay in the state for another 5-10 minutes. I have a rather  chattery mind, so this feeling of not thinking anything, was so profound! I always looked forward to listening to the recording. And I noticed that things have changed subtlety over the time. I can speak in front of people confidently without feeling anxious, from a normal sharing session at a social setting to running my own health workshop. I noticed this huge change in me after I ran the workshop. All the symptoms were gone when I reflected back. 

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling or facing some life challenge to come experience this. It is a life-changing and lasting experience. 


Carolyn is such a warm and friendly person who instantly puts you at ease. There is no judgement, just a caring person who wants to help move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I saw Carolyn about public speaking to large groups. I had an idea where this had stemmed from, and I needed someone like Carolyn to help me explore and make sense of what happened in my childhood at school, and how this fear of speaking to large groups had continued to affect me today, This session with her was so profound – I feel amazing. A huge release. I feel so excited about getting out there and speaking and sharing with others now.

Carolyn’s session was structured just for me – I loved the format of my session, how it moved and flowed organically. Carolyn knew exactly where I needed to go, and she knew exactly what to do in the moment.

I loved how soothing and confident Carolyn’s voice was and how easy she is to listen to. The recording she made for me was so motivating, uplifting and exciting -and it is something I will always have access to.

The recording helped me to stand up in front of a significant group recently and look at each person with confidence and conviction.

I would highly recommend Carolyn for an RTT®️ session -she is one of the best, giving and caring therapist’s I have come across in a long time.

Carolyn Boras Hypnotherapy

When have you been at your strongest?” asked the boy.

“When I have dared to show my weakness.”

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
Charlie Mackery